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Recently my uncle and his wife has had some difficulties in their marrige. The soon to my uncle with his own home, while Susan has lead ( his wife ) stayed at home with two small children. I'm animalsexfun good with children and how the house was 10 minutes I have often gone to see the kids and have a cup of tea with Susan. The game was well put on the big screen in the bar, so I have animalsexfun a few pints and let go and see the children on the way back decided. After the game I left the bar drunk and entered the house, so I went into the garden of a sudden I realized it was only 13:00 and the children stay at home for another 2 hours. I wanted to turn around and return to the pub, but has the idea of ​​a good cup animalsexfun of tea always walk the path. I went out the back like I normally do, and in the garden behind the house there was a large house with large garden and open to the courtyard, so that the rear doors were always open, I entered the kitchen animalsexfun and aboutsusan filled ear but no response. He wandered through the house calling her, but still heard nothing. Suddenly I heard a knock from the top down, I could not understand her so I climbed the stairs, the bathroom door was open animalsexfun and I heard that she was there, so animalsexfun we walked in the door. To my surprise, was in the shower without the curtain drawn, was only 36 and dying in very good condition, with long blond hair and a pair of tits. Her eyes that I was not sure if she knew that there was or is closed, I stood and watched in the shower chubby and my dick in my pants, and suddenly looked at me and pushed me a scream, grabbed a towel and covered. I told him I was very tired and I do not see anything fun, so when I went out the door, she said, ' No, no, do not worry for your sake, I was gettin anyway' \\ \\ n waited appeared wrapped a towel around her and then started chatting with her was when dried hasgo with me just stood there and tried to hide my bulging cock as I still hoped she had not noticed. As you go past me into the room Walkes pinched the towel in the door and fell down, I felt so embarresed suprisinly but I felt his hand to get around the hips and in my lap. ' I you have not been with anyone in monthes now, and I know you like what you saw, why not have it,' he said. I felt his hands undo his belt and animalsexfun jeans and then drop on the floor caught my animalsexfun throbbing cock back and forth while gently massaging my hand othere with eggs. I turned around and kissed her as we head into the room, sat on the bed and when I went to live with her, she grabbed my cock and put his mouth on her, all the way down her throat. I reached down and gently began her large breasts and hard nipples that seemed to press to answer very well. I was lying in bed and climbed ontop of mein a 69 position so I could explode her pussy juice. I stuck my face right into her pussy tasting juices and licked all around her clitoris so worth it when she sucked and licked my balls. Then slowly slid a finger ass hole, which made ​​him shudder, I asked if I wanted to stop, but said they would press me more, I slideing my finger in and out of her tight ass as I licked all her pussy juices . How could his tongue found its way in the ass and started licking and eating her ass pays for all that makes me then another finger in her ass push wihich led to a shocking climax, Abot how to shoot my load, so I took it and went across the face and mouth, which she animalsexfun happily licked and swallowed and put it on the bed and took my cock in her pussy, she was running again within a few seconds, I I threw it as hard as I could for about 20 minutes and then took orf oussy and raised his legs high so that I can see her ass and started licking her anus Teasin before slowly sliding my cock hatrd rock all the way up in the ass, who sent screaming to high heavens, but she loved it, I started fucking her slowly and then more and more difficult by making it louder and louder I kept fucking asshole as hard as me, until I told them I wanted animalsexfun to run was pulled suddenly away from me and said : 'stuck back in my pussy, I want u to fill my hot pussy cum with you two ' So I stuck it deep into her as I shot my load right in the pussy, scream at each other argasm sent, this time injected her juices all over the place. that jusgt turned and lay in bed for half an hour or so before he was drafted out again until you have everything to the next charge exploded in the mouth and in your face, who then agreed not to animalsexfun see each other, but keep it a secret..... so do not tell anyone!
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